All Of Us Know This To Be True

All of us know this to be true. The question is: Can we get off their treadmill long enough to stop it. “To End The Corruption”; we must.

The 85 Wealthiest of the world caused these crimes. Pick the top 10 for you, of the 1,ooo’s to pick from. Local, State, Federal or Worldwide.

These 85 International Trillionaire Billionaire Bastards (85 ITBBS), headed by the Rothchild Family, followed by the next 315 wealthiest, will never come to justice unless we break their banking systems and cartels around the world.

JFK and Robert were ended for initiating this in the USA in 1963 and it never happened. They have puppets everywhere, at every level, willing to do anything and any time.

The Rothchilds were the cause of every major war since Neapolitan. They caused Christians to slaughter Christians. Muslim to slaughter Muslims. Both religions to slaughter each other. They have caused the deaths of Jewish people. Arabic and European They have caused innocent, loving children, mothers, fathers and grand parents to be slaughtered or starved. The guess is 150 million people have died since 1900. Think of all the 650-900 million mentally and or physically wounded.

This war on terrorism, launched by 9/11, that they orchestrated, is just one more way to profit, drive us, the average people, into a slave class and cull the human race once agian.

They hand picked every politician from Hitler to Obama and everyone between. The Rothchilds picked every dictator where they wanted a Rothchild bank.

All these puppets were / are instructed till they have accomplished the agendas of the Rothchild’s ultimate goal. The goal of complete world dominance through currency and natural resources control. Every currency the Rothchilds ever controlled, always ended up being worthless.

Why? Because they took the paper currency off the gold and silver standard and inflated it into oblivion. Exactly what they have done with the US dollar since the 1970’s and crowned it from 2008 till 2010. With the last 4 trillion they printed out of thin air.

We,, know taking The White House in 2016 has long odds, a slim reality. For we, the average people, are too splintered by the Rothchild’s, in 1,000.s of good causes. Never allowing us to come together as one. The Rothchild wealth is in the 100’s of trillions. Try and put your head around that.

We are doomed as a country, as a race, worldwide, unless we break their backs and dismantle their banking empire and other six cartels.

The USA will be a 3rd world country within 12 years or less unless we, the average people, join as one, vote us into The White House, all incumbents out and “End The corruption”.

Solutions are at

We realize the game of keeping you so busy you have virtually no control of these bastards.

We need you to stop or at least slow down enough to end this corruption.

We need you, the 300 million average people, of the United States of America to stop being lead to the slaughter house and to fight back in the elections of 2016.

We need to stop being brainwashed with their propaganda, eight second sound bits, the echo chamber of fear on 90% of every media outlet that they flood us with.

We need to say, “God Damn you. You 85 International Trillionaire Billionaire Bastards. Enough is enough. We are able to see through your (the 85 ITBB’s) bullshit and it is over. Fuck you and all your puppets. It is over.



So, fuck you. You 85 ITBBs. We’re not going to take it anymore.

Will you stand with us. Will you put your current, good cause aside for the next two years and stand with us? Will you face your fears and stand with us?

Will you vote us into The White House in 2016 and vote all incumbents out?

If you do, you will be part of the greatest revolution the world has ever witness and not one person will die in doing so.


Christopher W. Spada

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A Converstion With An Advocate “To End The Corruption In Washington DC”

Being splintered into 1,000,s of small to medium size groups, by the 400 wealthiest, will always allow the 400 wealthiest to continue the corruption. “To End The Corruption” we need to join as one.

A conversation with advocate.

Dave, Thank you for the note. Question? We , all of you and I, agree that 911 was the crime of the century and blamed on people that should not have been blamed. All our posts are to promote “To End The Corruption In Washington DC.” When our vision comes to be, there will be an immediate arrest of approximately 250 that were involved in this crime. How do our,, posts not belong on this FB page? Sincerely, Christopher W. Spada​

Reply: They need to be directly related to 9/11.Please call me David. I hate the name Dave.

CWS: David, All of our,, posts are directed to the 9/11 corruption and all other corruption in DC. If all we do is post more and more of the same information, nothing will ever come of it. Our posts recognize the corruption of 9/11 however, our vision brings justice to these crimes and more. If you black list our posts, THEY, the 400 wealthiest, WIN.

Reply from David: The sight is for newcomers. We are trying to teach people that it was an inside job. If it’s not directly related, then we are catering to those of us whom are already awake and it will be above newcomers heads. The site is on the verge of morphing though, just not yet.

CWS: So, 2016 is approaching fast. Should we wait till 2020 to arrest these criminals? To End The Corruption? By then, there will be two generations taught in public schools that the Middle-East did it and we need to kill them all. We, refuse to allow this. If we take T.W.H. they are arrested in 2016-2017, if we join in the vision at, “To End End The Corruption”. Sincerely, CWS

Reply from David: Hell no. I’m with you. Just change the header to something related to 9/11 and how you are against it or something.

CWS: I’ll make the Headers with 9/11 in them. Thanks for having an open mind and all our efforts “To End The Corruption”.

Reply:We are partners in this. I appreciate what you are doing. Thank you for changing the header. No open mind here, just reality based thoughts.

Our vision at is “To End The Corruption In Washington DC.” The 85 ITBBs and the next 315 wealthiest, have us, The Average People, splintered into thousands of small groups, we will never end the corruption unless we come together as one. Will we join forces? Sincerely, Christopher W. Spada

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I would like to go on record.

I have been studying diligently, 6,500+ hours since 2011, on the topics of corruption at the federal, state and local levels.

The vision that we have at, is “TO END THE CORRUPTION”.

Yes, I have stated that by becoming The President of The United States of America and voting out every current politician, we,, would be able “TO END THE CORRUPTION”. We know this to be true.

Here is for the record;

“The vision at, of ENDING THE CORRUPTION does not necessitate me being the President of The United States of America. I would gladly support you or anyone who shares this vision, having not sold their soul to the highest bidder and will be committed till death if need be.

This is not an ego trip for the pathological liars, as it has been for all the Presidents after JFK or the current wannbe’s of the moment.

This is about right and wrong. This is about us ,The Average People, standing up against the 400 wealthiest who never can satiate their want for more power, money and control.

This is about our Founding Father’s Truth’s when they wrote: “We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men & women are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

This is about us, The Average People, our children and their children’s right to “LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”

This is about an average man’s vision of justice and 12 Presidential Agendas that will “End The Corruption” in The United States of America and many parts of the world that the 400 wealthiest have perpetuated for generations.

This is about us, The Average People, standing together and stopping the corruption that has enslaved 317+ million in the USA and many more worldwide.

This is about stopping the corruption of the wealthiest 400 of the world and bring them to justice. To breakup their monopolies and strong holds on enslaved countries (people) around the world.

This is about implementing the 12 Presidential Agendas at “TO END THE CORRUPTION”.

We,, have yet to see, hear or read of a Presidential Candidate who has addressed the core corruptions as a whole and have shared agendas to end these corruptions.

As of today, we,, have what appears to be, the wannabs’s regurgitating what the polls say they should and none are admitting there is corruption in Washington DC that needs to end.

If one comes forward, with more commitment, desire and ability, we will support him or her, fully.


Christopher W. Spada                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Conversations With Average People 4

Sorry for sending twice…I just saw your post on GWBush and JFK.


Have a good evening.
Thursday 9:22am
I see all these causes being worked on. There are 10,000’s. The problem is, everyone is so spread out, that no one or group of causes will ever stop the root corruption that causes the hardship in the world. Our 12 Presidential Agendas at ends the root causes of the corruption. If you would re-post and help these agendas and website go viral, that would be a big help. Sincerely, Christopher W. Spada
Thursday 12:57pm

Christopher, You seem like an honest man and someone I could get behind. But in order for you to have a chance at getting elected first we have to get truth for 9/11. To me it is that simple. 9/11 Truth means that those American Presidents, Vice Presidents and other elected officials directly involved in 9/11 go to prison. As well as any other elected officials. All elected officials who have lied to the American public about 9/11 will at the very least get removed from office. Now that leaves a tremendous vacuum in Washington DC and indeed an honest man like yourself then could have a chance to be elected. But without truth for 9/11 nothing will change. Our damn MSM is putting up Jeb Bush & Hillary as our top choices, pure insanity and that will not change until we have truth for 9/11. My focus will be on getting truth for 9/11 so that you and men & women like you can be elected. Best regards, John Miranda
Thursday 2:53pm
John, I clearly understand where you are coming from. The fact is, when in office, I would use the NDAA to do exactly what you say needs to be done. As, as these puppets, Congress and President, have passed the NDAA to be enacted without warrants, trials or judges. Sir, if all of us, on all the causes being fought, came together to get us in The White House, 70-90% of the corruption ends within 24 months If you and your crew would think about what I share here, in the 12 Pres. Agendas and our website, we would have the end that all of us waht. The means would change upfont but, the end result would be the same. Sincerely, Christopher W. Spada.
Chat Conversation End
My only hope would be, That the 10,000’s of good, righteous causes come together, unite as one, “TO END THE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON DC”. FOR IF WE DO ALL THE GOOD CAUSES THAT ARE CURRENTLY BEING FOUGHT FOR WOULD GET THE RESULTS, ALL THESE GOOD PEOPLE WISH FOR, to end the corruption.
If you are part of a GOOD CAUSE, then help us get into The White House and get these 12 Presidential Agendas implemented and you and I, The Average People, win
Sincerely, Christopher W. Spada
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“Conversaions With Average People 4”

I was looking for an email and as I was looking I came across this from well over two years ago and thought you would want to know the corruption that you are willing ingesting.

Fluoride was used by the Nazis in concentration camps to keep the inmates passive. The poison serves to decrease resistance to authority.

Alcoa Aluminum, which produced fluoride as a manufacturing byproduct, combined forces with I. G. Farben, the Nazi-era conglomerate, which utilized fluoride in creative, profitable ways, including deadly nerve gas.

After the war, with decades of effective propaganda from Alcoa, most U.S. municipalities came to fluoridate their water.
The key justification was and is that fluoride is good for teeth and is harmless, although the dental benefit is consistently unsubstantiated when tested. But a toddler can die from eating too much toothpaste with fluoride, and the effect of fluoride on teeth is to harden them to the point of making them brittle. The bone cancer rate is six times higher among young males in fluoridated communities.
Apart from the ongoing benefit to the aluminum industry and other industries which do not have to dispose of toxic fluoride waste — instead, putting it into the water — the control of the populace via fluoride may be a consideration for ongoing overexposure. After all, there is a lot riding on the public’s acceptance of everything from corrupt politics and elections, destruction of nature for profit, and commercial domination of daily living.
It is not only fluoridated water systems giving people fluoride; the pollutant is emitted into the air and water from factories and mines, and ends up in food, drinks and toothpaste. Babies that get fluoridated water added to their food or formula get several times the safe level of exposure. Levels of exposure and accumulation in older children and adults are on average several times what is safe, according to many studies (see references). Yet, despite fluoride’s demonstrable dangers, industry influence has won so far. Has the population succumbed to dumbness via chemicals, or is it pervasive propaganda? The answer is both.

Not surprisingly, today’s research dominated by corporate interests and an academia propping up the status quo does not over-investigate sources of pollution and health damage from industry. It is too much to expect corporate-supported experts to pursue the issue of how our brains are affected, and what this means for our lives as controlled citizens herded by institutions, laws, and the domesticated, paved landscape.
This report deals with only two pollutants which are produced willfully and in great quantities without the informed consent of those affected. How efficient: control one society with two chemicals. No doubt other chemicals are involved. To also take into account the plethora of approved, but untested chemicals provided by Dupont, oil companies and others, and estimate the impact on our health and behavior, is extremely hard to do.

The “precautionary principle” has been thrown out the window, as demonstrated by the U.S. Congress’s Delaney Clause (barring carcinogenic substances) being tossed by the Clinton/Gore Environmental Protection Agency. (I, CWS, am confident they and their children do not ingest these chemicals.)
Improving on nature is a common explanation of the excesses of corporations, industries and government policies. But to enforce the so-called improvement on nature there has to be a passive public. Combining fluoride with carbon monoxide and other chemicals (that synergize with unpredictable results) with the massive propagandizing assaulting the public through media and public “education,” it is easy keep the public out of the decision process. The answer to this state of affairs lies is local action and taking local, responsible control. Washington would eventually follow if it wants to.
The public health crisis is not an honest mistake by hard-working people trying to do good jobs, when decade after decade the public trust is betrayed by corrupt politicians and officials. Nor is this a matter of electing the right president: Aside from the consideration of anyone being elected having to be approved by the powers that be whose interests will be protected, the greater issue is our consuming habits as practiced by the most materialistic, wasteful culture ever seen.

When massive chemical production and energy use are tantamount to progress (even though this is unsustainable and harmful to life on our delicate planet) we are faced with nothing less than a breakdown of civilization. The crisis has implications for social relations at all levels, including how much a brain-pollutant is allowed on the market.

Instead of raising hell and taking a stand, the embattled consumer wishes most often for a little more relief and distraction. When disaster strikes, it may be seen as unreal as a television show, even as the body gives out and the spirit goes out with barely a whimper.

The American victim sees relatives and friends struggling and succumbing to the rising epidemic of cancer, but the daily routine goes on without question: make more money, pay off the rising debts, and don’t take any action on global warming or the war on Iraq.
We are suggesting there are explanations for inaction beyond what is commonly suggested. With more complete understanding, some individualized health purification, and old-fashioned indignation, solutions are more easily forthcoming — if people work together.

We, at electcwspada did not write the above. It was sent to us by a close supporter. Join us at Help us take The White House in 2016 and implement our 12 Presidential Agendas located at this website.


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Conversations With Average People 3

This is how this conversation started:

I shared this already. Why not have you think on it again. to end it.

Join the Coffee Party Movement's photo.
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  • Brenda Darlene Bailey George Soros is a cancer upon our planet…
    22 hrs · Like · 3
  • Brian Meadows I’d call it treason all right. The real cancer is the fossil-fuel business with the Kochs in the lead. Compared to them, Soros is no more than a benign mole!
    22 hrs · Like · 1
  • Leisa Crawford Pretty much says it all in a nut shell. Excellent post!
    21 hrs · Like · 2
  • Greg Marhenke Sounds like you are talking about the rich Democratic Donors Warren Buffet, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Zuckerburg, Larry Page, Sergy Brin, Jesse Yarnell and T.J. Caystile and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. to mention only a few. I thought so. Not to mentioSee More
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  • Arik Estus Sr. Ah common people. The Koch bros combined dont equal 1/4 of Soros wealth. And besides, they didnt work for th enazis killing their own people or try to overthrow governments in othe r countries by making a run on the banks.
  • Bryan Egelhoff Here is the base of the cancer corrupting the planet. ^ ^ ^ See Above Rothschild ^ ^ ^
    20 hrs · Like · 1
  • David Junior How many lies does it take to get your attention? How much deceit is to much? Obama is a deceitful liar! Clinton is a deceitful liar! DemocRATS are deceitful liars! Proven liars, who lied to your face! Anyone still supporting the liars at this point are either really stupid or completely lack any character at all!
  • Leisa Crawford David, I hate to burst your bubble but Bush lied too. The Bushes are NWO. 9/11 was Bushes false flag.
    20 hrs · Like · 1
  • Tammy Groves YEP. time to go after the American Jewish Lobby now that 50,000 in Israel protested in Israel.…/-Massive-anti-Netanyahu-rally…

    Originally published in Tikkun Daily Days after Israel’s…
  • Tammy Groves Let’s get this OUT of American politics NOW. After succeeding in making less than 1% of Jewish population as rulers inUkraine, the American Jewish lobby is trying to play a similar trick to turn 500 Jews as rulers of Macedonia. Zionist Jew Victoria See More

    On January 31, 2015, Macedonian prime minister…
  • Irvin Long Yes & the kochs along with their politicians are guilty of that & alot more!
  • David Junior Christopher W. Spada so you have a bunch of tin foil hat wearing morons following you? Good luck on your presidential run.
  • Jimmy Gilson This appears to be the resume’ of the Democratic Socialist party. Glad to see that Robert recognized his party.
  • Carol Elmer Yep, I’d call it treason. But who are those “wealthy” people? Hmmm?
  • Brian Meadows Christopher, are you accepting support from neo-Nazis like this Groves person?
  • Robert Trefcer baaaa baaaaa the sheep are talking baaaaa baaaaa
  • Leisa Crawford David Junior, maybe if you got off of the lake once in a while a did a little research you might be able to have an informed intelligent conversation about politics. I’ll just assume you are a mind numbed liberal repeating what you heard someone else say or what you memorized from MSNBC
  • Robert Trefcer nobody could b that stupid(famous last words)
  • Oz Zeren Yeah leisha. instead of repeating what he heard from msnbc, he should have repeated the below. like many other morons.…/

  • Leisa Crawford Hey Oz, and your point is?
  • Oz Zeren The point is its very easy for corporate backed psychos and media to fool morons who easily fell for the bullshit mentioned in above article.
  • Robert Trefcer its becoming less easy everyday
    3 hrs · Like · 1
  • Leisa Crawford Well you see, Oz, that’s just it. People like you assume everyone thinks like you and operates like you. That’s just not the case. It must have never occurred to you that conservatives actually research and source their material. They have well backed credible opinions. Let’s take the post you mentioned above. You see we would never just that as a credible source as you have.
  • Oz Zeren “conservatives actually research and source their material”

    Yeah, sourced from psychopath think thanks backed by corporate interests or club of rome types – the VERY people who rape everyone. See More

    2 hrs · Edited · Like · 1
  • Robert Trefcer the great divide
  • Leisa Crawford Oh Oz, do you really think we source our material from people in the government? Try again and I’ll give you a hint…..we work off of facts and stats. You just revealed where you source your material from. BTW, rather than lowering ourselves to your level and making things personal we stick to the truth. You might try that some day. It would work for too.
  • Robert Trefcer This guy looks better than the rest of these hyena’s in suits. I cant believe we’ve already had a tin foil hat reference.
  • Leisa Crawford Ok, Robert, don’t hold back. Let us know what you think.
  • Robert Trefcer I think if Mr. Spada wants to do.something about corruption while speaking on behalf of Americans with modest means(i dont like his use of the word average in his slogan) then I am interested to see how his campaign develops.
  • Leisa Crawford Alright, Robert, it sounds like you have an open mind. I’m also all in for anyone wanting to remove the corruption and graft out of politics. Or at the very least expose those politicians involved in the government’s organized crime. Which right now are every one of them in DC.
  • Robert Trefcer We are an advanced species now. This archaic control system needs to be addressed. They are spawning mercenaries and terrorizing children. It has gone too far.
  • Leisa Crawford Yes, they are trying to terrorize everyone. Especially American citizens.
  • Oz Zeren “do you really think we source our material from people in the government? “

    excuse me but you are talking like a moron. im not insulting, im making an OBSERVATION. OR, you dont know shit about the topics you speak on – for, what response you give to See More

  • Leisa Crawford Ok, Oz, you tell me then. What topics do I speak on? I’m curious, you seem to know me better than I know myself. Come on I just can’t wait to hear this!
  • Leisa Crawford Uh, Oz, Alan Greenspan was a government employee. He was Chairman of the Federal Reserve at one time. I didn’t throw that out there…..YOU did. Did you not pass reading comprehension 101?
  • Oz Zeren Alan Greenspan was put in government by reagan’s ilk to DISMANTLE the government and usher in the corporate era you are living today – from removing regulations to totally refusing to enforce laws. he was preaching the very stuff you believe before hisSee More
  • Leisa Crawford Look dude, it’s as simple as this….There are the elite who pull the strings in the government. They are adept at practicing this because they have been at for generations. Some are new money and some are old money. Everything they do is calculated and done so that they may retain their positions of power and control. That is their motivation. They know who can be bought. From presidents to senators and congressmen. The votes are purchased, stacked and rigged in the senate and congress. Even all of the, “no” votes are either purchased or accounted for. If you don’t believe this take a look at the so called conservative republicans voting record. I happen to believe that every one in the senate and congress right now are corrupt. Look at how the votes stack up on every issue. No matter who votes in favor or against an issue the vote is always too tight. Funny how that works out. Oh and, analyzing the voting records is just one way I back up my arguments. Another way is to look at statistics. And not stats. issued by the government either. Independent company stats. If the elite can’t get what they want that way they will put pressure on government agencies to set new regulations. This is how Obama is getting around issues he can’t get the vote on. Now that is as simple of a breakdown as I can give to you.

Christopher W. Spada Leisa-Oz-Robert-Brian-Carol-Jim-David-Irvin-Tammy-Thomas-Byan-Tammy-Brenda-Greg-Airk and the rest…..I have read all your comments. You are all intelligent. All of your posts are in line with what we, electcwspada, know to be true and our mission to end the corruption. If we, you and I, could spend the time you spent going back and forth,on helping this video, “” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> ) , the 12 Presidential Agendas and our website go viral, we would become better known and closer to achieving our mission. All of you could be the catalyst in making this mission, “TO END THE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON DC” a reality. We,are grateful to have you share your thoughts. We would be VERY grateful for your help in this mission. When attacking each other, dividing each other we never end what we, you know is corrupt. Sincerely, Christopher W. Spada

Elect Christopher W. Spada President in 2016 To End the Corruption in Washington, D.C.!
This is a video of the 1st Presidential Agenda that will end some of the corruption in Washington DC but, not enough. That is way we need all 12 Presidential Agendas implemented. Sincerely, CWS
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“Conversation With Average People 2”

  • This is how the conversation started and we are happy to see we, The Average People< are awakening. This was posted on “General Truth News” FB Page.
    Ever wonder why we, The Average people, suffer so much. Worrying about our next meal, a job, being harassed by a militant state (local police on up), freedoms taken, land and homes taken, our lives taken. Lives from the unborn to the elderly. We sufferSee More

    Elect Christopher W. Spada President in 2016 To End the Corruption in Washington, D.C.!
  • Kevin Brant Speaking of passing the 911 Litmus Test. Last time I checked Christopher Spada’s campaign page, he had a link where he reveals history hidden from the public eye. He mentions the JFK assassination, Oliver North, Clinton but when he gets to the 911 spot in the time line–nothing! Nothing to see here…move along! And he posts his campaign spam here–of all places–beneath the 911 Litmus Test. Ha!
    12 hrs · Like · 1
  • Nicky Nelson Hi Christopher W. Spada! Why don’t you touch on the 911 truth issue publicly?
    11 hrs · Like · 1
  • Christopher W. Spada Nancy- Kevin, I, we, have. I have studied 911 in detail and many other corrupt “False Flags”. Even if we, your group (one I am part of), accomplishes what we hope to, there will be “scape-goats” who will take the fall and the core conspirators will win once again. I assure you, by the Grace of My Creator, if elected President, I will use the NDAA clause to arrest as many as possible, who were involved in the “911 False Flag”. And there were over 200 “black ops” including the top 10 in office in Washington DC. Our mission at is not to address and hope to right this one wrong. Our mission is “TO END THE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON DC” with the 12 Presidential Agendas at. By doing so, 70-90% of all the corruption goes away and many people go to jail. I want to thank you, for calling g us out. For directing these questions and concerns to us. We, I, encourage all questions. I, we, have not sold our soul and we want “To End The Corruption”. The core corruption that will end 70-90% of all the corruption in Washington DC and much of the world. Sincerely, Christopher W. Spada

    Check out! Christopher W. Spada who is gaining popularity for his honesty, integrity and his 12 Presidential Agendas that will End The Corruption In Washington DC.
Christopher W. Spada Kevin – Nancy, I will share you question on why we don’t have the 911 “False Flag” mentioned on our website, with our staff. We will edit and do so. You are correct, it should be mentioned as it was a major turning point in taking our freedoms away in the USA. Sincerely, CWS
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