How Upset (PISSED OFF) Are You

Congress Approval Rating 7%.

President’s Approval Rating <40%

How pissed off do we need to be, to take a 180 degree turn away from these puppets in Washington DC? We, The Average People, need to wake up and vote all these puppets out and anyone who has not sold their soul to the highest bidder, vote them in.

I recently became familiar with a 911 group who knows the truth.

I have studied the corruption in Washington DC for 6,000+ hours since 2011. Many hours spent studying, researching and cross referencing 911. They should all be in jail. the ones who were in Washington and the Agencies. However, this is just one aspect of the overall corruption that needs to end.

If you take a look at the 12 Presidential Agendas at, we are confident you will agree they will end the corruption.

We have researched all information and documentaries listed and find all to be 100% factual. “911- Search For The Truth” and “Loose Change” are the most direct information we could find for the 911 Corruption.

We don’t believe in theories. If you find something to the contrary, please let us know. We will re-evaluate our sources and correct if necessary.

Nothing will change, the true criminals will never be brought to justice, unless we accomplish our mission. If you help, we can accomplish our mission “To End The Corruption In Washington DC.”

The corruption that spawned the 911 conspiracy to fool the average people of the USA and other parts of the world into a state of fear, from an enemy that did not exist until the 85 wealthiest instructed their puppets to use our military, to start killing off people that they wanted their oil and other nature resources and to strip us, The Average People, of our liberties and rights.

Our mission: To take the 2016 Presidency and voting out all incumbents, is the goal over the next 20 months and then implementing the 12 Presidential Agendas over the next three election cycles.

Please share our posts on Facebook.  Please talk about these agendas over diner, wine, a beer or a Scotch and a cigar. And when the time comes, please help us get on the state ballots in your state.


Christopher W. Spada



The day I saw Obama state, "I have signed the "National Defense Authorization Act" (NDAA) into law. Yes, I realize that it infringes on the Constitution of The United States however, to protect you, I was compelled to sign it." This bill took away ALL Constitutional Rights For Every US Citizen. In that moment, I turned the TV off and wrote the 12 Presidential Agendas at That was 1/04/2012. Will you web search both. If what I say is true, will you help us? Help us "To Get The Corruption Out Of Washington DC..
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