Case Study #1 The Oil Cartel

Case Study #1

If this is to much information, jump to the last three paragraphs.

The Oil Cartel or commonly known as the Energy / National Resource Interest Group gave 95+ Million  Dollars to Congress in 2013-2014. Over ten years that is close to a billion dollars.When EXXONMOBILE, alone, earns 30+ Billion in profits in 2013, it’s small price to pay for “The Best Government Money Can Buy”. Watch this documentary and you’ll be better informed than most.

Over 40 years the corruption in Washington DC spiraled out of control. This one cartel has given close to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in today’s value to Congress to push the Oil Cartel’s agendas. This does not include hidden money, gifts and insider trading tips or the money given directly to the Presidential Candidates.

The numbers below came from “”. If you want to follow the money, I have found no better place to do so. The Republicans receive 78% and the Democracy s receives 22% of this money.

Energy/Nat Resource $95,572,105 $75,135,094 21.7% 78.2%

Lets look at the two most publicized oil disasters. The EXXON-Valdez and the BP Deep-water Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

EXXON paid out 4 to 5 billion dollars over the past 25 years. Sounds like a lot of money however, their profits for the year of the spill were 5 billion. In 2013 EXXON’s profits were 30 billion and that was a down year. Exxon’s profits are in excess of 100 billion dollars over the past 25 years. Exxon paid out 5% of those profits for the second largest oil spill in the US. To this day Prince William Sound has not fully recovered environmentally or economically. There are still segments of wildlife in danger of extinction and family owned business’ that have become extinct.

For all of 1990, Exxon reported earnings of $5.01 billion, or $3.96 a share, compared with $3.51 billion, or $2.74 a share, the year before. The 1989 results were reduced by more than $1 billion for the spill expenses. Sales for the year were $117.07 billion, up 21 percent from $96.28 billion.

Lawrence G. Rawl, Exxon’s chairman, said, “Virtually all the quarterly earnings improvement was centered in foreign exploration and production, primarily attributable to higher market prices for crude oil.” EXXON Executives earned more than 300 times their average worker.

This quote comes 15 years after the spill and 11 years ago; “The herring industry, once a thriving coastal business, has collapsed. One former fisherman – who didn’t give his name – bears the scars. He doubts herring will ever be fished commercially here again.

“Typically for the herring season we might have made $35,000, $40,000,” he said. “Now nothing.”

So, here is how the corruption works for the OIL CARTEL: EXXON had punitive damages awarded by jury of 4.5 billion. Exxon appealed again. On May 23, 2007, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied ExxonMobil’s request for a third hearing and let stand its ruling that Exxon owes $2.5 billion in punitive damages. Exxon then appealed to the Supreme Court, which agreed to hear the case.[39] On February 27, 2008, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for 90 minutes. Justice Samuel Alito, who at the time, owned between $100,000 and $250,000 in Exxon stock, recused himself from the case.[40] In a decision issued June 25, 2008, Justice David Souter issued the judgment of the court, vacating the $2.5 billion award and remanding the case back to a lower court, finding that the damages were excessive with respect to maritime common law. Exxon’s actions were deemed “worse than negligent but less than malicious.”[41] The punitive damages were further reduced to an amount of $507.5 million.[42] The Court’s ruling was that maritime punitive damages should not exceed the compensatory damages,[42] supported by a peculiar precedent dating back from 1818.[43] Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick J. Leahy has decried the ruling as “another in a line of cases where this Supreme Court has misconstrued congressional intent to benefit large corporations.”[44]

CWS: All the families who lose everything, generations of family business, lifestyle and harmony. It took almost 20 years for EXXON to out spend and exhaust the will of the plaintiffs attorneys and to finally get the right judges in place to reverse the judgement.

See below a duplication from the EXXON Court Process?

However, “BP complained that the payout formula worked out by court-appointed claims administrator Patrick Juneau was too generous and meant that people and businesses were being paid huge sums for false claims.

A US federal appeals court on Saturday upheld the terms of the original 2012 settlement.

The UK oil giant has supported compensation for businesses harmed by the disaster.

But it argued that the terms of the existing deal meant that some huge sums were being paid for false claims.

In 2012, BP agreed to make payments to those who suffered economic losses as a result of the disaster aboard the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, which triggered the worst offshore oil spill in US history.

The blast killed 11 workers and released an estimated four million barrels of oil into the gulf.

However, BP complained that the payout formula worked out by court-appointed claims administrator Patrick Juneau was too generous and meant that people and businesses were being paid huge sums for false claims.”

I, CWS, believe if EXXON was not let off the hook, BP and other it come would never (have) gambled on running such a low cost, high reward substandard operation that will cost us, the average people, 100 of billions of dollars of lose of life, peace and prosperity.

Mark these words; The case will get to the Supreme Court, which believes corporations have the same rights of a human being, and will receive the same reduced judgement as did EXXON. Why? Because these judges placed because they can be counted on to vote in favor of the six cartel’s agendas.


Presidential Agenda #1: TAXPAYER FUNDED FEDERAL ELECTIONS. This will cost taxpayers less then one half of one percent of the federal budget.  Less then 1/2 of 1% “TO END THE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON DC.”

When we, the average people, implement this agenda, there will be a tsunami of money, ads and speeches on how this would eliminate the 1st Amendment. And they would be correct. Our, the average people’s, 1st Presidential Agendas would stop the 85 International Trillionaire Billionaire Bastards (85 ITBBs) big money’s voices from shouting over our, the average people’s, 1st Amendment rights. There has to be a level playing field. We are now on a playing field were, “The Golden Rule , Rules. He Who Has The Gold Rules.”

Find all 12 Presidential Agendas at

Will you help us in our mission to implement these agendas?

Christopher W. Spada



The day I saw Obama state, "I have signed the "National Defense Authorization Act" (NDAA) into law. Yes, I realize that it infringes on the Constitution of The United States however, to protect you, I was compelled to sign it." This bill took away ALL Constitutional Rights For Every US Citizen. In that moment, I turned the TV off and wrote the 12 Presidential Agendas at That was 1/04/2012. Will you web search both. If what I say is true, will you help us? Help us "To Get The Corruption Out Of Washington DC..
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