I Met A Party Line Citizen Today

As we stood in line I asked; “Do you vote”?

Yes; was her answer.

Would you be open to taking a business card of a new Presidential Candidate?

What party are they with?

My response; None?

Her: What’s the candidate’s name?

One you never heard of, as of yet. Would you be open to take a card and take a look at our website and read our 12 Presidential Agendas?

Well what’s the name?


I can remember that.

Me: So, let me ask, “Do you vote your party line”?

Her; Well, usually?

My response;: So, no matter what your party line promotes, you stay with them?

Most of the time. I am a  _____________.

Me; I understand that the ______________ Party promotes  ____________ and say they represent the ___________ people.. That the ______________ Party promotes __________ and represent ______________ people

You can put in either party and what you think they represent in the spaces. It does not matter.

I continue: Do you ever think we will come to understand that no one is representing us, the average person?That both these Parties represent the 85 International Trillionaire Bastards and push their agendas of pushing down the average people.

By the way, we were standing in line a motor vehicle agency. As I looked through the crowd, I thought; No one is representing us. No one gives a damn about any of us. The average person. We are nothing more than a tax / revenue  generating source and nothing more. The wealthy (the 85 ITBs defined at http://www.electcwspada.com) paid for the Puppets in Congress and Office of the President to be elected. These puppets will follow instruction or they will not get money to be re-elected. And so it goes.

The puppets pass laws that have us paid more taxes, take living wage jobs away, straddle us debt and we have no representation. And, here is a women in her mid 50″s that vote’s PARTY LINE because she has been convinced, it is the lesser of two evils but, will not take a business card for a potential solution.

Every bubble bursts. Every empire has fallen. 245 years is a young empire.

However, our Founding Fathers gave the United States of America one thing that would change history. One thing that would not let our bubble burst. Not let the empire fall, if we become informed. If we fight for knowledge. If we refuse to stop being “dumb ed down”.

Our Founding Fathers gave us the foundation to build an better nation as time moved forward.

Our Founding Fathers gave us “The Constitution of The United States of America” and a country that had NEVER existed in the history of the world until now. 1776 or 2014.

There are two elected parties that are no more than puppets for the same 85 ITBs, who are insatiable for power, resources and control of the average citizen, world wide.

These core problems and solutions are discussed and solved in the 12 Presidential Agendas at http://www.electcwspada.com.

By the way, cwspada does not need to be President of The Common People, of The United States of America.

He will stand behind anyone willing to implement these 12 Presidential Agendas.

This is about bringing America to the greatest level up till now. If you want to take the lead, you are welcome to. You can lead your area in our quest or you can take the lead as the “President of The Common People, of The United States of America.

We are not like these Professional Puppets Politicians who sold their souls for an office.

We all about saving the soul of The United States of America.

Will you help? Make this go viral? Donate even a $1.00. We are true to, bring America to it’s greatest level in history.

Help…act now.


Christopher W. Spada                                                                                                               2016 Presidential Candidate


About www.electcwspada.com

The day I saw Obama state, "I have signed the "National Defense Authorization Act" (NDAA) into law. Yes, I realize that it infringes on the Constitution of The United States however, to protect you, I was compelled to sign it." This bill took away ALL Constitutional Rights For Every US Citizen. In that moment, I turned the TV off and wrote the 12 Presidential Agendas at www.electcwspada.com. That was 1/04/2012. Will you web search both. If what I say is true, will you help us? Help us "To Get The Corruption Out Of Washington DC..
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