Why Do You Do What You Do?

I always thought that I was FREE. I was free to choose the direction of my life. I was free to choose were I lived. I was free to choose how hard I worked. I was wrong. We are never free as long as Washington DC is ran the way it is.

Then I studied “The Story of Your Enslavement” by Stephen Molvneux. It is on YouTube. 13.09 minutes and I realized that I was nothing more than a “willing slave” to the 85 ITBs spoke about at http://www.elelctcwspada.com.

How do I live my life now? Now that I had 3.67 million dollars of my wealth taken from me, after 40 years of work. Now that I have had to start from were I was when I was 18 years old, with virtually nothing. Actually, I am in debt in the area of 120K. I wish I were starting from 0. Now that I know, so I have been told and what I can find on my own, that 90% of the wealthy got their wealth with corruption.

I, we, am chasing “To Take The Corruption Out Of Washington DC?

The 12 presidential Agendas at http://www.electcwspada.com would end much of the corruption in Washington DC. It would be a start to true FREEDOM.

Will you take a look at the video and the agendas. If they make sense, will you help us. Will you help them go viral?


Other documentaries I have studied: “The Warning” & “House of Cards” by Frontlines, “We’re Not Broke”, “Bush’s War”, “Obama’s War”, “911-Search For The Truth” to name a few. Watch any and you’ll start to understand the corruption and why you do what you do.


About www.electcwspada.com

The day I saw Obama state, "I have signed the "National Defense Authorization Act" (NDAA) into law. Yes, I realize that it infringes on the Constitution of The United States however, to protect you, I was compelled to sign it." This bill took away ALL Constitutional Rights For Every US Citizen. In that moment, I turned the TV off and wrote the 12 Presidential Agendas at www.electcwspada.com. That was 1/04/2012. Will you web search both. If what I say is true, will you help us? Help us "To Get The Corruption Out Of Washington DC..
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