Another Show Of Injustice For All

I just watched “CODE OF THE WEST”

My blood is boiling once again. This is the 85 International Trillionaires and Billionaires flexing their muscle once again, have wipe out a legal business and imprisoned many. Over Medical Pot.

The reason for this full assault on you and your state is that, the pharmaceutical cartel, law enforcement cartel, prison cartel, and the black market money to funded convert operations and help these 85 ITBs take more wealth. These institutions cannot afford to let you do the “right thing”.

All of us live in a state of fear from one prospective or another, by design. Tom and the rest are a perfect example.

If you follow the money, you’ll see, if you dig deep enough, you will find that these bastards are behind this crack down. According to my studies, their is more black market pharmaceutical drugs than all others combined.

Your Governor should call out the National Guard to protect the citizens of Montana.

I promise you, if you take a look at the 12 Presidential Agendas at, I am confident, you will help us.

I have studied 5,300+ on these matters since 2011. These agendas will change everything. I pray you and all others will help us.We will take the corruption of of Washington DC and the states. We will take the 85 ITBs out control of our elected puppets.



The day I saw Obama state, "I have signed the "National Defense Authorization Act" (NDAA) into law. Yes, I realize that it infringes on the Constitution of The United States however, to protect you, I was compelled to sign it." This bill took away ALL Constitutional Rights For Every US Citizen. In that moment, I turned the TV off and wrote the 12 Presidential Agendas at That was 1/04/2012. Will you web search both. If what I say is true, will you help us? Help us "To Get The Corruption Out Of Washington DC..
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